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Amano Connect SMARTcare - easy to use technology to help people stay independent, safe and connected at home.

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Latest SMARTcare Products

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Stay Connected

Amano Connect SMARTcare products keep you in contact with friends and family.

They keep the mind nimble and help prevent feelings of isolation.

SMARTcare products to keep you connected

Live Independently

Our SMARTcare gives you independence to live at home on your own terms, avoiding costly residential home fees.

We’ve carefully selected a range of products that help maintain your quality of life, keeping you safe and connected.

SMARTcare products for independent living

Be Reassured

Amano Connect SMARTcare gives your family peace of mind that you’re safe in your own home - discretely monitoring all is OK and alerting them if it isn’t.

Perfect for relatives who live at a distance.

SMARTcare products for peace of mind

SMARTcare Products

Telecare, telehealth and other smart technologies designed to improve independence, safety and connectivity in the home.

Our SMARTcare range helps people living with dementia and memory loss, or those with long-term illness or difficulties maintaining wellbeing.

Environmental Detectors

Devices that alert family or emergency responders in the event of a fire, gas leak or flood.

Activity Monitors

Sensors that detect “out of the ordinary” behaviour.

GPS Locators

Devices that pin down a persons exact location, alerting family & emergency responders.

Personal Alarms

Wearable alarms that trigger in the event of a fall or when the person is in need of help.

Easy to Use Phones

Mobiles and landlines to keep people in touch with their family and the wider world.

Telehealth Devices

Devices that monitor medical conditions and alert family or carers if a problem is detected.


24/7 emergency call centre help and support.

Home Security

Simple devices that provide external home security, reassurance and easy access for carers.

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