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Who is Amano Connect: We know, but do you?


From the experience and expertise of Amano Technologies, we’re excited to introduce our new brand ‘Amano Connect’.

Amano Connect takes the concept of using technology in a way that helps you or a loved one stay independent at home for as long as possible; our way to help you live an independent life and stay connected with friends and family.

The core values of Amano Connect have come from listening to people.

We appreciate people’s desires and we have a real appetite to understand our customer’s needs and abilities.

We are carefully selecting products by talking to home users, their family members, care professionals and associations. We want to understand what barriers exist in people using home technologies and we aim to help overcome these challenges through the use of appropriate products and our support services.

Appreciating each other’s differences

We like to offer choice and personality to our service and products, people may have similar needs but every individual is different.

“Imagine how boring life would be if we were all the same. My idea of a perfect world is one in which we appreciate each other’s differences; one in which we are all equal but definitely not the same.”

Barbara Streisand (1994)

Amano Connect provides our customers with the guidance and support in choosing a product that is right for them, but we help them settle in with their products, give instruction on how to use the product efficiently, thus gaining independence, safety and connectivity.

Independent living is for everyone

Amano Connect believe independent living is for everyone! Whatever your challenge, and it might be due to illness, getting older, or a disability, Amano Connect provide products that can help with independence, safety and staying connected to family and friends. We also sell products for family and friends to monitor the health and wellbeing of a loved one.

Reassurance and safety for the person living at home, as well as for their loved one or carer by providing peace of mind and the ability to check that all is well.

There are a lot of different words and phrases that companies and professionals use to describe independent living.

Independent living is also known to a lot of people as assistive living. You may have heard of Telecare (products that help with daily care) and Telehealth (products that help monitor health). These are the professional terms used to describe these products that help you with independent/assistive living.

It’s on the up…

With the increase in the development of technology, all the new, exciting gadgets really do make most things possible including living life as independently as possible.

Amano Connect have some really innovative, simple to use products that can make your life so much easier to manage and give you the independence with that extra support.

In 2011, 11 million people were aged 65 and over which is predicted to have a 50% increase by 2028.There has been a rapid increase in the ageing population in the UK over a very short period of time.

Out of the 14.7 million people there are 2.5 million people aged 75 and over living on their own.

With Amano Connect being based in the South West, we have one of the highest proportions of older people, with Sidmouth topping the table with 40% over 65s!

Stay Connected

If you feel that you have a specific need that we might not have covered or if you have seen a product that you would like us to review or stock, then please do contact us at

We are introducing a lot of fun, exciting ways to get involved with our customers. Next month we will be starting our brand new ‘story/customer/product of the month’.

We would love you to tell us your stories. For example:

  • About how you or a loved one cope with an illness/disability;
  • A story about something you might have been involved with-‘charity event’;
  • Your experience with a product you have purchased – the benefits it brought you;

A story that we could feature on our next newsletter issue or blog post so that we can share with people.

If you would like to get involved, please do send your stories or reviews to

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