A long picture showing the Canary Care colours and branding

Canary Care takes flight!

Here at Amano Connect we are always on the lookout for quality, innovative products that are affordable to you, our customers. Through talking to individual people, it provides us with the ability to understand their worries and fears; What is it that our customers need help with? Can we find a product that is perfect for you to help you battle these challenges making your life and your loved ones life as simple and stress free as possible?

Amano Connect are all about keeping you connected to the people you love and care for.

Connections are always possible, it’s just finding a way that is most suited to you.

Something that you can take pride and enjoy using.

Flying the nest

Amano Connect are ever so pleased to be working with Canary Care. Canary Care are a relatively new company. A highly innovative company that may have the solution for you…

Canary Care is a simple way to allow your loved one to continue to live in their own home for longer.

Why have all of the heartache, cost and stress of moving into residential living when there is a product that is right at your fingertips, a product that provides you with the independence you long for.

This product will provide you with the reassurance that your loved one is coping on their own and is happy.

Canary Care can provide you with round the clock reassurance and peace of mind whilst allowing your relative to stay in the home they love.

Canary Care believe that home is where the heart is.

If your parent or friend can stay in their own home and you get the reassurance that they are coping and happy, that their home is at the right temperature and that they are moving around their home like they should be…then think about the value Canary Care will be bringing to your life.

Why not have a read through the reviews from existing Canary Care customers. See how the product has enriched their lives.

How will Canary Care help you?

Discreet sensors are placed in the rooms that your loved one uses most often.

They are placed discreetly and are very easy to install. Each sensor comes with a sticky backing which is wall mountable and needs no added installation cost, a DIY solution for sure.

These sensors monitor movement, temperature and visitors. You are then able to see via your computer or phone if everything is as it should be.

Canary Care is designed to not be intrusive and has no cameras or microphones.

So no matter how far away you live, where in the world you are at the time, it will be as if you have just popped around to your loved ones home.

You get all the reassurance you need at the click of a button.

So you can turn that all needed check-up phone call into a much needed catch up call instead.

Follow this link to take a look at our product range as we have a range of products that will compliment other Telecare products you may already own or even inform you of suitable products for you.