Doro Gloria+ Carephone

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Carephone Gloria+ (Rental)

Gloria+ is a practical, easy-to-use, mains-operated Carephone that is ideal for use in the home.

What is a carephone?

A Carephone is a device which calls for help when an alert is triggered. Your Carephone is set up to dial our 24/7 alarm monitoring centre (telecare support staff) when it detects an alert from a body worn alarm pendant or fall sensor.

A wide choice of triggers are available such as an SOS wrist strap or pendant, fall sensors, bed sensors, smoke alarms and door alarms. These can all be connected to the Gloria+ to meet your individual needs. Up to nine radio transmitters can be programmed with the Gloria+.

Link to 24/7 Telecare Service

This carephone can be linked to the Amano Connect 24/7 telecare service.

When the SOS button is pressed an automatic call is made to our telecare support team. Once connected, a telecarer will talk to the person in need of help.

Two way communication is possible through the base unit’s microphone/loudspeaker.

During the call, our team assess the situation putting the person in contact with the most appropriate help; be it arranging emergency services to the person’s home or simply contacting a family member or a carer.


The Gloria Carephone is an alarm system which calls our 24/7 telecare monitoring centre when triggered by a sensor and/or trigger. The centre will deal with your emergency by calling your family, friends, or the emergency services as appropriate. We can advise, supply and install to Plymouth and West Devon customers.

Do I need a Carephone?

Are you, or do you care for someone who often needs help or who could be at risk? Do you worry they might:

  • Be at risk from falls or accidents
  • Be prone to confusion or panic
  • Be at risk from scenarios associated with a health condition

Whatever your situation, the CareTech Gloria + Carephone  provides extra safety – providing you or the person you care for with an emergency response 24/7. No call goes unanswered, giving you added peace of mind that help is at hand whenever it’s needed.

Who can benefit from a Carephone?

Traditionally, carephones are used to help the elderly maintain their independence and stay living in their own home for as long as possible. Carephones provide the user, family and carers with the reassurance that help will always be available.

A carephone may also benefit other groups such as; anyone living alone, people with a disability who live independently, occupational health & safety applications and nursing homes.



We can offer installation in Plymouth and West Devon.

The Carephone is very simply to install, connection to the telephone network is via the telephone lead/adapter. The carephone should be connected to the master telephone socket in the home in order for it to continue to work even if a telephone receiver is left off the hook or is faulty. The master socket is normally the one closest to the entrance door. Power is supplied via the power supply from a wall socket.


The Carephone will come to you already programmed and ready to install and use.

Important Information

All systems using radio and telecommunications are subject to interference beyond the user’s control. Products from Doro are designed to minimise the impact of such interference. Nevertheless, the user must be aware that system components can be subjected to interference or other influences that may cause malfunction. It is therefore important to regularly check that every part of the system works in all areas, especially radio communications. Strong radio transmitters, such as GSM equipment, DECT telephones or wireless hearing aids, should be positioned at least two metres away.


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