Doro Secure 680 Mobile Phone with Alarm

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The Doro Secure 680 is an easy-to-use mobile phone with a simple SOS function.

SOS calls are connected to our telecare support operators who will arrange the relevant help, including contacting the emergency services if necessary.

It is an easy answer flip-up phone with simple menus, easy-to-read screens and ‘point the way’ navigation function to prevent you from getting lost and disorientated.

It features excellent audio clarity with an extra loud setting meeting the HAC (Hearing Aid Compatible) standards.



An easy-to-use clamshell mobile phone with a discreet SOS button, linking to 24/7 telecare.

Once the button is pressed the SOS call is answered by telecare staff who arrange the most appropriate form of help, including contacting the emergency services if need be.

In every other respect, the Doro Secure 680 works as an effective and easy-to-use mobile phone.

It provides excellent audio clarity with an extra loud setting when needed and is compatible with hearing aids. The large, concave buttons are separated for easy operation.  There are also pre-programmable buttons that can be used as shortcuts to certain functions.

The software menus are simple to navigate and the phone even contains a compass for location awareness and “point-the-way” functionality.

**Please note the Doro Secure 680 is primarily just the phone alone**

The Doro Secure 681 is the same phone with the addition of wireless base unit technology which allows it to communicate with other Doro Secure Telecare alarms and monitors.

Take a look at the 681 if you want the phone to operate as a base unit as well.

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