OwnFone Personalised Mobile Phone


The OwnFone is the simplest mobile phone there is!

Low cost and easy-to-use the OwnFone can be set up with between 2 and 12 pre-programmed contacts as either name or photo buttons.

Simple and straightforward the OwnFone is the perfect solution for those who would struggle to use a more complicated mobile or smartphone. Perfect for the elderly, people with disabilities or those with dexterity problems.

One press dialling

Whether you want to call friends or family, the emergency services or even just the local taxi firm, you don’t need to remember the number or scroll through menus – just press the photo or the name of who it is you want to call – easy!

The OwnFone arrives within 5 days and is ready to use straight out of the box – no setting up is required.

And if your contacts change their number – you can change it on your OwnFone too with no need to send it away – it’s all done remotely.

Create your OwnFone

In just a few easy steps you can create your OwnFone, choosing the amount of buttons you want (between 2 and 12), the type of button you want (photo or text), the colour or pattern and other useful things like your own number printed on the back or having 999 as one of your buttons.

You are able to choose how you pay for your calls by choosing either Pay As You Go, pay monthly or pay up front for 6 or 12 months.

Click here too see examples of overall costs.


The OwnFone is the only made-to-order handset in the world. It is a fully personalised, easy to use phone with the minimum of worry.

Creating your OwnFone

When creating your OwnFone, you may want to consider what its main use will be?

Will it be…

  1. A main phone: Used for chatting with family and carrying with you when you go out? You will probably want a phone with a fair few buttons for calling family members and friends. You’ll also need a lot of talk time, so consider a pre-paid option for a year or a 500 minute a month contract.
  1. An ‘out and about’ phone: Just something that you will use when you go out, because you usually use your landline. You may just need a few buttons, maybe the taxi firm or a son or daughter? You won’t be talking long on the phone so you may just need a Pay-As-You-Go option.
  1. An emergency phone: So that you can call for help quickly, if you need it. Think about getting a simple design with a few buttons to call your closest family or 999. To make sure you always have talk time you may like to consider an inexpensive 50 minute a month contract.

How easy is it to make a call?

  1. Press on/off button until you hear the welcome tone. 
  2. Wait for the blue light to flash slowly.
  3. Press the name/ image of the person you would like to call.
  4. To hang up, press the ‘end call’ button.
  5. Simple as 1,2,3,4

How easy is it to receive a call?

Your OwnFone will ring and vibrate. To answer just press the Answer button (or any of the name buttons).

Calling the Emergency Services

If you have selected 999 as one of your Call buttons you will need to press it three times to call the emergency services. As with other mobile phones the OwnFone must be charged and requires a network signal to make and receive calls.

How Much Does It Cost?

Click here for some idea of overall costs for our most popular combinations or take a look at the detailed prices below. The cost of OwnFone  varies on the design and set up that you choose.

Phone Pricing

2 images 4 images 8 images 12 images
Including VAT £50 £47.50 £65 £70
2 names 4 names 8 names 12 names
Including VAT £40 £47.50 £55 £60

Once you have decided on the design, images and names, the hard part is over. There is nothing else you have to do except decide on how many minutes you would like to have per month.

In order to use the phone and call people, you will have to purchase airtime minutes similar to how a normal mobile phone would work.

Dependent on how often you feel you will use the phone, we have three affordable airtime plans to choose from.

Airtime Prices

Monthly plans

Talk 50 Talk 100 Talk 500
Monthly cost £7.50 (inc. VAT)£6.25 (ex. VAT) £10 (inc. VAT)£8.33 (ex. VAT) £15 (inc. VAT)£12.50 (ex. VAT)
Inclusive minutes per month  50 100


Pay As You Go

An initial top up of £10, £15 or £20 will be required with all new handsets

Top Up value: £10 £15 £20
Inclusive Minutes: 100 minutes
of calls
150 minutes
of calls
200 minutes
of calls
Top Up validity: 60 days 90 days 120 days

Special Offer for pre-pay options

6 Month Deal:         Includes 50 minutes of calls a month† £40 Save £5*
12 Month Deal:Includes 20 minutes of calls a month† £50 Save £10*
12 Month Deal:
Includes 50 minutes of calls a month†
£70 Save £20*
Pay Monthly Plans paid by Direct Debit. Prices include VAT. OwnFone calls to pre-programmed UK landlines or UK mobiles.
*Terms and Conditions apply – Follow this link to read the terms and conditions
† Calls made over the allocated inclusive minutes will be charged at 15p a minute.
*Saving calculated against equivalent Pay Monthly Plan.

You will be limited to 50, 100 or 500 minutes every month (dependent on your package). If you do not use up all of your minutes in a month, they will NOT get carried over to the next month.

You will not be tied down to a long term contract and can cancel your plan at any time as long as you provide 30 days notice, so there is no need to worry.

However, there is the option with OwnFone special offer deals where you can purchase 6 or 12 months of airtime upfront to keep things easy saving you between £5 and £20 on airtime.

With OwnFone, even if you are about to run out of minutes, you will have peace of mind knowing that your OwnFone will continue to work and you will only be charged 15p a minute.

If you do feel you are using more minutes each month, you are free to switch to a more cost effective price plan anytime you want. *Terms & Conditions apply

Battery life and Security

If you use your OwnFone regularly and put it on charge every few days, or if you put the phone on shutdown mode to conserve the battery, the battery will last up to a whole year.

The battery will last about 3 days once charged fully.

Make sure you put the phone on charge at least every few days to make sure the battery hasn’t drained.

OwnFone is very secure as all of your numbers aren’t actually stored in the OwnFone itself, they are stored in a secure server so if your phone is stolen, your numbers will remain protected.


The OwnFone comes pre-charged and is re-chargeable using the three-pin charger included. The charge will last about three days.

Call Emergency Services

If you have selected 999 as one of your Call buttons you will need to press it three times to call the emergency services. As with other mobile phones the OwnFone must be charged and requires a network signal to make and receive calls.

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