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“The Zimmer to your Zam” – TSA conference

What a fantastic week it’s been for all of us here at Amano Connect, kick-starting it all with the Telecare Services Association (TSA) Conference 2014 held at Celtic Manor in Newport on November 17th- 18th 2014 who really did put ‘The Zimmer to your Zam’.

We had the delight to meet many new, interesting companies as well as catching up with a few of our partners. But what did it all mean to us? How can attending these events help our customers?

For those of you who don’t already know of the TSA, the TSA is the accredited industry body for Telehealth and Telecare, the largest industry specific network in the whole of Europe.

The Telecare Services Association are a not-for-profit membership based organisation with a current membership of over 360 organisations. A lot of these members we happened to meet and chat to at the TSA conference 2014.

But what does all of this mean to you as a customer? How can all this help you?

Helping you live your everyday life

At Amano Connect, we have carefully selected the products we have in our portfolio, by choosing products that have a relevance to you and help you live your everyday life the way you want to.

By speaking to customers, their friends and families, we hear all too often the worries and fears that people have.

By looking into these worries and fears, our aim is to find innovative, affordable products that help you to battle these worries, overcoming the challenges you may have thought were else unattainable.

We believe in you living your life as independent and connected as possible in a way that is affordable to you.

Through attending events such as the TSA conference 2014, we get to meet and network with brands that showcase their most popular products which are developed and created for people such as yourself.

This gives us a fantastic opportunity to meet these brands, talk to them on a personal level, whilst at the same time find out more about their products.

Collaboration and coming together

As well as brands that attend the events with products, we also get the opportunity to hear from charities and not-for-profit organisations about present issues and how us as individual companies can come together and help battle these issues together.

Help spread the word of ageing – positively!

We all want to know how we can help you, how we can give you the reassurance and independence you need.

Whether it’s in the form of a product or a service.

Even by us creating links with other companies or organisations, so we can give you advice or direct you to the best people in the industry.

Telecare Services Association (TSA)

Thanks to organisations such as the TSA, companies such as Amano Connect can attend events and learn more about this vastly growing industry, making sure we provide you with the most relevant, up-to-date products and information.

Amano Connect are working with a range of companies who are also members of the TSA and some who aren’t members. The main aim is to get these companies networking with each other, sharing information and ideas, generating solutions for you.

What a show stopper!

The TSA really do know how to put on a show. With the November 2014 conference being held in the beautiful Celtic Manor Resort in Newport.

An image showing the beautiful surroundings at Celtic Manor Resort in Newport

Celtic Manor Resort, Newport

Delicious food, great talks, fantastic exhibition and brilliant live entertainment.

This year, it was delightful to see ‘The Zimmers’ who really put ‘The Zimmer to your Zam’. A great way to show everybody that life is what you make it, you don’t have to settle for conventional as you get older.

Amano Connect offer choice, personality and option.

Don’t settle for conventional!

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