Thanks guys. Products arrived in good time and were easy to install. Help was top notch!

Very helpful service…shipping a safety device to me in France was no trouble – thank you for all your help and advice.

‘a brilliant alarm device (Pebbell) connecting my husband and I via my mobile so I can keep in touch with him, he can contact me if he has a problem and it will alert me if he falls. It is far superior to the ones ringing a central number and someone calling from there.  ……… for me it means I can go out feeling reassured that I will be instantly alerted if there is a problem.  I would highly recommend getting it as soon as you think there may be a long term problem so the person can become accustomed to using it as soon as possible.   Brilliant device!’  Mrs E Cornwall.

Thank you Mrs E for your comments about Pebbell. We are delighted that Pebbell is working well for you and your husband, giving you added reassurance and peace of mind. Amano Connect

“I wanted to say thank you for Pebbell which is such a good device, especially for people suffering with a form of dementia.  My husband had Alzheimer’s and I wish in many ways I had know about and obtained the Peebbell a couple of years ago when he would have been able to understand and get used to how it worked.   He wore it around his neck so if I was out and he fell it would alert me – so reassuring.  I also was able to call him to say if I was going to be late and mostly he did answer it!    Luckily my husband did not wander but to have the option of GPS to locate him would have been a Godsend.  It is such a good device and offers so much more than a Life line or similar.”

Thank you for your comments Mrs E.